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Who we support

Helping Marginalised Women And Youth At Risk

St Kilda Gatehouse


St Kilda Gatehouse works alongside those who seek out street sex work as a result of abuse, addiction, poverty and other hardships. It is a place where individuals feel valued and important. For many who come from challenging backgrounds it is a source of dignity and hope – where they can find the support and care needed as they attempt to build a life off the streets and beyond drug addiction.

In order to assist individuals tackle the issues that keep them involved in street sex work St Kilda Gatehouse provides emergency aid, counselling, advocacy, outreach, social inclusion programs and links into other services and programs. Find out more…



Whitelion works with young people who are at risk and disconnected from the community due to abuse and neglect, drug addiction and poverty. These young people have often had horrific life experiences with few positive role models and little family support. If the ‘cycle of discouragement’ is not broken, some young people become habitual offenders in our community and spend the majority of their young lives behind bars.

Whitelion opens doors to opportunities, relationships and community for these young people. It gives them the chance to ‘break the cycle’ through role modeling, mentoring, employment and indigenous programs, outreach services, and prevention programs run in rural and metropolitan schools in disadvantaged communities. Find out more…

Whitelion – Youth At Risk Mentoring Program


Whitelion’s Mentoring Programs aim to promote purposeful relationships through which well trained and supportive mentors assist young people who have been involved, or are at risk of being involved, with the youth justice and child protection systems. The programs help young people to develop a positive sense of self and useful connections with their community.

Mentors are carefully selected, trained and supported to form one-on-one relationships with young people that can last a lifetime. Such relationships can reduce personal isolation and contribute to self-esteem and hope for a positive future. Find out more…

Whitelion – Learning Centre


The Whitelion Learning Centre provides an alternative education facility for Aboriginal young people, who have disengaged from mainstream schooling. Participants range from 13-19 years of age and come with a broad variety of skills, interests and abilities. The program aims to support its participants to either transition back into mainstream schooling, further education or employment.

Learning Centre staff promote an inclusive, welcoming environment with a holistic approach, as we realise that school and education are only one aspect of a journey. Literacy and numeracy have a significant focus in the program, as well as pre-employment skills and practical skills development in the workshop. Find out more…