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The FAQ’s

Break It Down!

Can I register as a team?

Yes – when you log in there is a “team” option. Registering as a team is a great way to get your friends involved and for some, it’s easier to participate knowing that your mates are doing it too. So, find some friends, decide on a team name and off you go!

How do I join a team?

Click here and then log in. If you’ve forgotten your log in details – check the original emails you received, otherwise let us know and we can reset your password for you. Under ‘My Team’ there is the option to join a team. Just follow that process and go from there. If you’re not sure of the team name – contact your team captain – they’ll be able to tell you what your team is called.

Is it too late to register?

Each year the campaign runs for five weeks from February 14th. Most people sign before or during the five weeks. The earlier the better of course, but it’s definitely not too late. We’ll send out a bunch of hints and tips to get you started.

Can I start later but still have five weeks to complete the campaign?

Each year we do have requests to start the campaign earlier or later due to different circumstances, e.g. overseas travel, hearing about the campaign after it has started etc. We don’t mind as long as long as participants sign up before March 21st. All our updates and blogs coincide with the five weeks, so late challenges will be a bit out of sync. We do suggest that you edit your fundraising page and put in your start and end date.

How do I find dates?

You ask your friends, family, colleagues, neighboursyour network basically to help you find the dates. That is the challenge. And because it is for a good cause (raising funds for charities working with those caught in the cycle of disadvantage and poverty) you have the fact that you’re doing it for charity as the motivator. Even those who have been single for a long time and think they have met every other single person in their network, are surprised by the recommendations from friends and family that suddenly come out of the woodwork when there is a challenge for charity.

While it may seem daunting, spreading the word is vital and significantly increases your chance of finding suitable dates. Friends and family love to get involved and you may be surprised how many single people they actually know when you give them a reason to think about it. Remember ‘it’s just a date’ – there’s no over-analysis required.

Use the challenge to stretch yourself socially. If you do have a safe option or two up your sleeve (eg a close friend, your housemate, etc) as fall backs, that’s ok. You are still going on dates. The more you stretch yourself the more you’ll get out of the challenge.

It really is a great way to really find out if there are some single people in your wider network. Once your put the word out to your contacts they can take some time to think about it – but also ask their extended network. And you never know who they’ll cross paths with once you’ve put it on their mind. Keep reminding them it is for charity and a really important cause.

Another date-finding method is social skydiving. Take the opportunity to approach someone you don’t know – remember, it’s the one time of year that you can pull out the ‘dating for charity’ card!

And don’t forget: we’re here to help. We send an email template to send on to your contacts, a ‘Guide to Five in Five’ and then weekly updates with tips, ideas, links and stories from other participants.

Can you match me up with some dates?

We don’t match people up through the campaign. This would be too similar to the other modern styles of dating (online, speed dating, etc) and too far removed from the old fashion style of dating, where real introductions are made, where friends vouch for each other and you rely on your own networks (or bravery) to meet people in your community.

We do provide opportunities for participants to meet up with each other through events that we partner with. For information on these events click here.

Can I find dates through Facebook and Twitter

Social media is a new form of networking and communication. Facebook especially is usually made up of real connections and friends. Often communities and friendships can form through these mediums in a natural way, ie through friends of friends. We know of people who met through following us on Twitter and are now close friends and catch up regularly. We encourage people to put the word out their network of friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. It is a great way to ask for help finding the dates.

Do I need to have all my dates lined up before the challenge starts?

No you can use the five weeks to line up your dates. The sooner you get onto it the better. Once you start going on the dates suddenly makes your social life that much busier.

How do I get people to sponsor me?

Again, spreading the word is the key – let people know what you are doing and why. We find that some people are keen to sponsor you because they’re so impressed that you’re willing to ‘put yourself out there’ and go on dates. Others love supporting programs that do important work with the disadvantaged in their own community. Whatever their motivation, you may be surprised how many people are willing to throw their money behind a great cause!

To use social media login here. Click on ‘Fundraising’ on the top menu and then ‘Get sponsors’ on the side menu. Follow Step 2. You can follow Step 1 to send an email to your contacts.

There are lots of ways to fundraise besides sending out an email to all your contacts and posting a status update. For example can have a money tin at work or at your local bar (also a great conversation starter). You may like to host a dinner party or a BBQ and ask everyone to bring a donation. Some participants provide updates on their challenge to those who sponsor them as an incentive.

What happens if I do/don’t reach my fundraising goal?

Congratulations if you reach your fundraising goal early in the campaign – you can always increase it and see if you can get some more sponsors. If you don’t manage to reach your goal, that’s ok – it’s always good to have something to aim for. To change your fundraising goal login here, click ‘Fundraising’ on the top menu and then ‘Edit goal’ on the side menu.

How do I get back into my fundraising page and edit it?

Click here and then log in.

Once you are logged in, you can head to your fundraising page (and to edit it, click the ‘Customize personal page’ link).

Is Five in Five Australia wide? Who are you supporting in my area?

Five in Five has expanded across the country. To find out what is happening near you check out: http://fiveinfive.org.au/cause/who-are-we-supporting-near-you/

Are there any events where I can meet other participants?

A great way to meet new people and share your stories is to head along to one of the events partnering with Five in Five. The events are open to everyone, so friends and friends of friends are also welcome, check out http://fiveinfive.org.au/upcomingevent/

Same person – multiple dates?

The aim is to go on five dates with different people – but we understand that sometimes people meet someone early in the campaign who they want to start a committed relationship with. Our friend Ann was a classic example: http://fiveinfive.org.au/the-technical-question/

When this has happened, some participants have continued on the challenge and then started the relationship afterwards. For others this was too difficult. They wanted to be together as soon as possible. We don’t want to stand in the way of that! So that of course would be an exception.

Some people sign up and then form a relationship before they even go on their first date. This happens every year, so we figure there must be something about being open to dating that sends off attractive energywe’re not sure and will have to invest some research into it. Again it’s up to the participant if they do all their dates with this person or still continue to on the dates they had already committed to.

I do not have a Facebook account – can I still register?

You can register without going through a Facebook account. It is just quicker for people who do have a Facebook account.

Go to: fiveinfive.org.au

Click on ‘Sign Up’ (up the top of the page)

That will take you to the sign up page. On the left hand column it says: New Participants and then ‘Sign up’

Whenever you see ‘Log in with Facebook’ – ignore that. There should be an option to do a full log in below.